Public Policy

We target issues and know how to create support from both the top and bottom. In Ohio and Washington, we know the decision makers who matter. We understand the process, what works, and how to run the traps.

Sometimes the doors to local, regional, state, and federal government are shut. Our relationships with governments, schools, higher education institutions, hospitals, non-profits and businesses allows us to identify opportunities and determine a path to our clients’ success.

  • Legislative and Executive Advocacy
  • Public Policy Monitoring and Analysis of Legislation
  • Procurement
  • Strategic Campaign & Advocacy Plans
  • Community Engagement
  • Coalition Building
  • Grassroots Movement Organization
  • Polling
  • Focus Groups
  • Earned Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Interactive
  • Video
  • Events
  • Social Networking
  • Television, Print, Radio, Internet Ad Production