Our Work & Brands

Ohio native and Union General William Tecumseh Sherman was gifted a Kentucky thoroughbred named Lexington. The stallion soon became Sherman’s favored horse for his calm decision-making on the battlefield regardless of what was happening around him.

At Lexington Companies we approach challenges the same way, letting our experience and expertise come through to serve our clients, whether it’s:

• Assembling and managing grassroots and providing strategy for candidate, issue, or public advocacy campaigns;

• Attacking a state or local public policy challenge and achieving a successful result;

• Guiding you through a tangle of government regulations and oversight;

• Developing your message so you are saying the right things to the right people at the right time;

• Providing crisis communications to help you through a difficult spot;

• Protecting your brand and managing your reputation;

• Providing management expertise to help your organization run efficiently and effectively.

You can learn more about Lexington Companies’ services here. Learn more about the Ohio EFDA Association here.