Case Study: Helping a public agency streamline

August 12th, 2013


The Challenge

The Ohio State Dental Board does its work well. But even well-run organizations need to adapt to changes. Facing staffing turnover and expectations to do more with less, the Dental Board saw an opportunity to implement changes and improve its operation.

How We Are Helping

Lexington Companies is working with the Dental Board to identify problems and opportunities for efficiency. Among other things, we’re assisting the Board with:

• Reorganizing agency standards and procedures
• Revising staff job descriptions and future staff structure
• Identifying qualified candidates for staff vacancies
• Moving from paper case files to electronic case files
• Drafting an employee evaluation policy
• Drafting a public records policy
• Recommending best practices in management and operations
• Revising the agency operations manual
• Creating a strong customer service culture
• Navigating staffing issues

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